Growing up in a family of Irish descent in America, my entire family revered the Kennedys as the true cultural icons they became/are. In a sense, the achievements of the Kennedy family have been the culmination of the achievements of all Irish in America and when we lose a Kennedy it hurts us all. We were lucky to have Senator Edward Kennedy for the amount of time we had his service to our nation.

This week’s playlist is a combination of traditional and modern music for a wake befitting the best champion the little guy ever had in the Senate’s history. Teddy, we hardly knew ye! And of course, no Irish wake is complete without the Irishman’s Prayer:

May your soul be in heaven half an hour before the Devil knows you’re dead

God Bless the Kennedy Family and God Bless the soul of Senator Edward M. Kennedy.

Joh Padgett

Joh Padgett

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