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Cheney: No, I Won’t Cooperate with a Torture Prosecutor

Far and away, here’s my favorite exchange in the Cheney interview:

WALLACE: If the prosecutor asks to speak to you, will you speak to him? 

CHENEY: It will depend on the circumstances and what I think their activities are really involved in. I’ve been very outspoken in my views on this matter. I’ve been very forthright publicly in talking about my involvement in these policies. 

I’m very proud of what we did in terms of defending the nation for the last eight years successfully. And, you know, it won’t take a prosecutor to find out what I think. I’ve already expressed those views rather forthrightly.

Wallace asks Cheney if he will speak with Durham, if asked. Cheney does not say yes. Instead, PapaDick immediately suggests he won’t cooperate with an investigation he deems as improper. 

He then takes a tack Karl Rove took in the US Attorney firings: claiming that his many public statements on the issue could substitute for an interview (or better yet, a grand jury appearance) about what role OVP had in establishing our torture regime. 

Cheney hides an obvious unwillingness to commit to cooperating with Durham behind his purported "forthrightness" about torture in the past.

Now, I’ll say more on this tomorrow in regards to DOJ’s ongoing claims that they need to suppress Cheney’s CIA Leak interview so high level White House officials will cooperate in the future. But for now, know that Cheney is already laying the groundwork to refuse to cooperate with Durham based on some claim that the investigation is improper.

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