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National Organization for Marriage CEO, Maggie Gallagher, is so aglow over the WaPo's puff piece on Brian Brown that she wrote NOM's weekly email blast. Ordinarily, this is written by Brown but then he would have to talk about himself in reference to the WaPo piece. In point of fact, everything that NOM does is carefully orchestrated by high-priced spin doctors including CRC Public Relations (of Swift Boat fame). Maggie “writes:”

I don't know if you’ve had the chance to meet Brian personally. I consider working with Brian one of the great honors of my life–and a pleasure too. The Washington Post profile just nailed him!

Interesting choice of words. Where are the tax returns?

The reporter calls the National Organization for Marriage “the preeminent organization dedicated to preventing the legalization of same-sex marriage.”

Uh huh. Where are the tax returns?

In less than two years you, coming together with hundreds of thousands of other Americans, have helped build NOM into a major, powerful, intelligent, and effective force fighting to protect marriage and religious liberty!  From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Oh. Religious liberty you say? Why does opposing same sex marriage require imposing religious beliefs on everyone else? Isn't that religious tyranny?  Intelligent? NOM has yet to pose a coherent argument that would support the notion that one couple's gay marriage affects any other couple's “traditional” marriage. By the way, Where are the tax returns?

In the same newsletter, according to Brown:

NOM's ad tells the fair-minded truth: Voters in Iowa are upset that the governor and other leading politicians are “reluctant” to let the people of Iowa vote for marriage. Implying that Americans who believe marriage is the union of husband and wife are somehow “extremists,” much less “religious extremists,” is really below the belt, hateful politics at its worse.

Nobody has suggested that those who believe in traditional marriage are extremists. However, imposing those religious views is religious extremism.

The same week the Des Moines Register issued its baseless charge, another blogger accused us of being a front group for a Catholic religious order.  Make up your minds, fellas!

That would be moi. It is a point of fact that NOM is closely associated wuith Opus Dei, an ultra-conservative Catholic organization that some people consider a cult. Some of the facts are here. Furthermore, Brian Brown attends a church that has the largest Opus Dei membership in the area. As for “make up your mind,” the fact that NOM has ties to Opus Dei does not operate to preclude ties to other religious organizations. By the way, Where are the tax returns?

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