I did a quick internets search for Reagen Chia, Clinton Chia, Nixon Chia, and Ford Chia and didn’t find a legit product.  Before I get into some of the fallout and my reaction, what are Blender’s first reaction to this?

PhotobucketAs of now the famous chia pets available at www.chia.com include offerings from Chia Scooby-Doo to Chia Homer Simpson, but include no political offerings beyond Barak Obama.  What are the chances that Obama’s African American hair have nothing to do with his being the only American president or political figure to be immortalized ala chia? I’d say they’re pretty slim (i.e., having negative log-likelihood). For reference, Pam has written more than a few times about the politics of African American hair.

My first impression of this was that someone really, really wanted to point out the we now have a president with African-American hair. It turns out that I wasn’t alone in my first impression.

Is this a not-so-sly racist offering to keep-government-out-of-my-healthcare-but-don’t-touch-my-medicare, gunnut, taser-loving, teabagging, don’t-be-forcing-homosexual-marriage-down-my-throat, and I-can’t-believe-we-have-a-black-uncircumsized-preznit “real” Amerikuns? Or, is it people simply celebrating Obama via chia (Chortle, snort, holding back laughter here.).

Regardless of what you think, Chia Inc. is bound to take some heat from this. Walgreens has already pulled the product.



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