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Pentagon: $1.5 MILLION Contract With Rendon Group to Profile Reporters on Afghanistan War

Below is the brief on
in which Amy Goodman introduces today’s (08/28/2009) interviews with two well known reporters, Charlie Reed and James Bamford (author of The Shadow Factory).

IMO, it reveals the extreme degree of contempt with which the Pentagon views the taxpaying American public. How do you feel about DOD contracting to pay The Rendon Group $1.5 MILLION to "manage our perception" of the Afghanistan War??

Pentagon Hires Rendon Group to Profile and Rate Journalists Covering Afghanistan War

The US Army in Afghanistan has admitted it pays a private company to produce background profiles on journalists covering the war. The Pentagon has been on the defensive ever since the Army newspaper Stars and Stripes revealed this week that journalists were being screened by the Washington-based public relations firm, the Rendon Group, under a $1.5 million contract with the military. Documents obtained by the paper reveal journalists were evaluated with pie charts breaking down their coverage into percentages of “positive,” “neutral” or “negative.”

The Rendon Group investigates the reporter’s biography and work product and rates each as to the advisability of embedding them with the Army in Afghanistan. Not hard to figure out which will be selected.

James Bamford tells of this Rendon Group’s being hired by the CIA to promote the Iraqi National Congress and Chalabi back in the 1990s. We all know how that turned out.

Sure looks to me like only those "reporters" who write what the military brass wants told will be embedded. Both reporters interviewed by Amy and Juan indicate that there will be much more coming out on this story.

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