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Joe Scarborough & Peggy Noonan: Americans Secretly Yearning for Republican-Controlled Congress

Some pretty first-rate concern trolling here on "Morning Joe."

What Nooners and Scar conveniently ignore is that Obama’s numbers are dropping primarily because he’s losing Democrats. While he’s slipped among independents as well, the Republicans are hugely unpopular and have zero credibility on health care reform, so there’s no objective evidence that voters are clamoring for a McConnell/Boehner coup.

Moreover, Nooner’s notion that "Americans won’t support" Democratic legislation is truly bizarre. We just had a national election less than a year ago in which Americans elected a Democratic President and gave the Democrats substantial majorities in both houses of Congress, two years after giving them total control of the legislative branch. That’s a fairly strong indicator that they want Democratic legislation — not the Republican legislation Nooners likes.

Obama’s not struggling because he’s insufficiently centrist. He’s struggling because he’s insufficiently partisan.

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