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NC: Freeper on the homo-filled Triangle: it's 'SICKENING TO see DIXIE become so weak'

Referring to my area of NC (the Triangle of Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill), one Freeper registers his disgust at Durham’s high ‘mo factor:

I used to live in the triange (K-9th Grade), and it was a great place to grow up (Durham Co, not city), however after the mid-90s’ the new wave of carpetbagger liberal (allied at times with liberal blacks), btw The triangle has a HUGE problem with pro-homosexual people/policies) have made it very liberal in places! SICKENING TO see DIXIE become so weak.

— Freeper JSDude1

Yeah, baby…we don’t miss ya! In news related to the article that generated the above comment, was the recent ruling by the state Court of Appeals regarding second parent adoption and custody issues.

The appeals court ruling upheld a 2005 adoption by Sen. Julia Boseman of her partner’s son. The child was conceived by Melissa Jarrell of Wilmington through artificial insemination; she and Boseman jointly raised the boy.

After the couple split, Boseman sought joint custody; Jarrell argued that the adoption wasn’t valid because the law doesn’t allow unmarried partners to have such parental rights. The court’s decision validated only Boseman’s adoption, giving her standing to fight for joint custody of her son; it did not make a sweeping pronouncement about unmarried couples’ rights.

In NC, many same-sex couples come to Durham or Orange county because the judges are amenable to granting second-parent adoptions.

Such adoptions became commonplace in Durham County in 2002. Sharon Thompson, a Durham family lawyer and a former state representative, asked her county clerk of courts and local judges to consider what she had seen a few other states do: waiving the requirement that a parent forfeit rights before another can adopt. Thompson said that citizens can waive legal rights. She argued that surrendering legal parenthood before an adoption is a benefit and protection for the parent who wishes to give up the child. Therefore, she argued, the surrender is a right that can be waived…Adoption law experts say Thompson’s method isn’t valid. Even the Court of Appeals gently criticized the process in its ruling this week.

So the adoptions have been going on for years apparently under the radar of the GOP gasbag lawmakers. This ruling has awakened and outraged the batsh*t wingnuts in our legislature; it’s the usual homo-obsessed suspects, James Forrester and Paul “Skip” Stam. They are making threats to enact legislation to specifically bar gay and lesbian couples from adopting.

“The effect of this is that adoption policy can now be set by our district court judges,” said state Rep. Paul Stam, a Wake County Republican and a lawyer. “All people have to do now is find one district court judge who will do what they want. That’s the lowest common denominator adoption policy.”

State Sen. Jim Forrester, a Gaston County Republican, said it might be time for legislators to explicitly tell judges what kind of families can adopt children. Forrester, who is against gay adoptions, said judges are crossing the line and becoming advocates instead of arbiters.

So if they get riled up enough, EqualityNC and allies will be back to battle the wingnuts again.

Just to irritate Forrester and Stam more, NC Pride 2009 is scheduled for Saturday, September 26, 2009, 10am – 5pm at Duke East Campus,  in Durham. I’m the keynote speaker this year. Still haven’t written my speech yet, there’s a lot to fit into 15 minutes!

Anyway, I’m still wondering what that Freeper *ss-clown is imagining what would return “strength” to Dixie-going back to stringing up some nigras, and burning and beating fags and dykes to death for entertainment? The good old days. I sure wouldn’t want to be the neighbor of this creep-any guesses as to where he’s living?  

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