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Dr. Betty Price takes on infidelity in the black church

Over at there is a frank piece about adultery in the church by Dr. Betty Price, the wife of televangelist Dr. Freddy Price, Jr.  of the Ever Increasing Faith Ministry. He’s from the “prosperity gospel” approach to Christianity.

Apparently the rampant fornication by the men up in the pulpit (with the wives looking the other way), has reached the boiling point for Price, who started receiving letters from women who were engaged in affairs with pastors. A common thread — access to money, and coercion by the pastor using biblical bullsh*t. Her book is sure to rock more than a few boats in a faith community rife with denial and hypocrisy.

The first letter was from an older, mature woman. She’d just bought a luxury condo but lost her government job after 25 years of service. Her self-esteem was very low. She didn’t know what to do because she was financially strapped. And, she was older and didn’t think she would be able to find another job in this economy. She reached out to her bishop for counseling. They began an affair. It’s been going on for three years. The second woman was from a different church. She works on a committee in which she interacts with her pastor daily. They began spending long hours together. Then the affair began. Now, she is desperately trying to get out but doesn’t know how.  

Both of these women said they know what they are doing is wrong but expressed they don’t have the strength to leave. Both ministers have threatened and coerced these women. They told them, “If they stop the affair then they would be dishonoring God.” However, both women expressed they were benefitting financially in the relationships. They were stuck. Unsure of what to do.

Do you even have a second thought that these same women probably condemn LGBTs, even as they engage in this behavior? Price recounts her own brush with her husband’s “itch”, and this is another reason she has written the book  ‘Warning to Ministers, Their Wives and Their Mistresses’.

It bothers me to know many ministers have mistresses sitting right up in the church. Their wives and children are subjected to public humiliation. Some ministers even have children with their mistresses and leave their wives. I’ve talked to a lot of women and they say that in all the churches they’ve attended the ministers have been unfaithful and run around. I personally know so many that it’s scary. These women know what they are doing. Don’t be fooled. I wrote my book because I want to expose these types of men, and women, who do this.

More below the fold.Well, the blame starts at the top. If these married ministers can’t keep their peckers in their pants regardless of the women throwing themselves at them, they shouldn’t lead the flock and talk about commitment, fidelity and sin. They do need to be exposed, just as the wives who look the other way because they see their man as a big fat wallet. What is the point of religious principles and beliefs if you can’t even handle the Ten Commandments? How can you selectively condemn the LGBTs sitting in the pews? If you cruise around the web site, there’s a section that condemns homosexuality through exclusion by by design in the section “Avoiding the Sex Trap“:

Too many Christians are ensnared in the sex trap. Although God created sex for the enjoyment of a man and a woman in the context of marriage and for procreation, both fornication and adultery are weakening the fabric of the Body of Christ and making its witness of no effect. Many are falling into the sex trap because they are seeking love in all the wrong places rather than submitting themselves to God. I Thessalonians 4:3 says, “For this is the will of God, your sanctification: that you should abstain from sexual immorality…&qhot; Sexual immorality is not only pervasive in the world, but the Church. Sexual immorality hinders a Christian from being all they can be in God.

Of course it doesn’t state that sexual orientation itself is a sin, as far as I can tell. The church seems to do the usual head fake of “you can be alone, celibate and give when the basket comes around.”

Of course the bottom line is that those black LGBTs who are sitting there closeted (and trust me, more than half of the congregation probably knows you’re a homo), silently taking the biblical beating from the adulterer in the pulpit, the hypocrisy will continue.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding