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Single Payer 101

h/t BDA in VA

I support improved and enhanced Medicare for All because it’s the right policy for this country. Because it’s not just the poor that can’t afford private insurance, the middle class is getting slammed by rising premiums and health care costs. Because any market that requires third party payers is by definition not a free market. Because this is an essential service and the government can do it better than private, for-profit companies. Because the economy cratered this year, and everyone deserves some economic justice. Because building on the employer based health finance model in the face of near double digit unemployment is stoopid. Because health care should be delivered on an even playing field. Because health care should be apportioned by need not wealth. Because mandating people purchase private for-profit insurance at up to 12% of their income for premiums alone is not affordable. Because I don’t think people should have to wait ten years to prove government financed health care works so we can expand a weak public option, when it’s already been proven through Medicare. Because it’s change I can believe in.

I will advocate for Medicare for All until the last dog dies because I listen to the 17,000 doctors and the 86,000 nurses who tell me it’s the right policy for this country. I’ll fight for it tooth and nail because I’m standing with 20 million activists who say we can do this, and we should. I’ll advocate for it because leading policy journals keep writing it’s good policy. I will advocate for this policy because I think the role of activists is to push the system from the outside, not for what is politically feasible, but for what is right, and I plan to heed the warning of MLK Jr. who cautioned against taking the tranquilizing drug of gradualism. I will argue everyday in every way for Medicare for All because we are having a national debate right now on how we should finance and deliver health care, so how could I not push for what I believe in?

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