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More Pastors Praying For Obama’s Death

By no means is Little Steven the only one- try this guy, Pastor Wiley Drake of First Southern Baptist Church in Buena Park:  

The above was from back in June, btw- and Drake was named “Worst Person” by Keith Olbermann for it.

This was Drake’s response to his Countdown endorsement:

Drake, who had not heard about the broadcast before phone calls from reporters, laughed when he heard about the “honor.”

“At least I’m No. 1. He could’ve hurt my feelings and made me No. 3.,” Drake said.

Drake said he has prayed for Obama’s death, though “98 percent everything I pray about him is very positive.”

However Drake also said he’s directed to pray for ill against his enemies by Psalm 109, which asks for punishment for evildoers, and even considers such prayers a “duty.”

“If anybody has a problem with the prayer we’re praying, they need to take it up with the man who wrote it, because it’s not me,” Drake said.

He prays for the POTUS to die, but “98% of his prayers towards Obama are positive?” WTF?

These people are nuts, pure and simple- yet they are listened to and not in jail for death threats against the POTUS. Go figure…

BTW, in case anyone thinks this is being blown out of proportion, take a gander at Lil Steven, taking on a heckler:

And if you don’t like it, GET THE HELL OUT! DON’T LET THE DOOR HIT YA!!!

And in case anyone things Lil Steven is racist, lemme tell ya he has BLACK FRIENDS and is NO RACIST- here is the proof that YOU ARE WRONG!!!!!!! AND THAT BARACK OBAMA IS WHIIIIIIIIIITE!!!!!!


Er, I mean, ZOMG WOOOOOWWWWW!!!!!!!11!!!

And what’s worse, those last 2 were from Steve’s own website… he’s posted 424 of his various screeds and rantings, including suppsoed take-downs of Joel Osteen and Billy Graham.

Between that and his recent endorsement by The Peter, seems Stevie is trying to cash in on the Gravy Train, when he’s actually a far better fit for the Westboro Nut House Baptist Church.

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