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Maine Family Policy Council: ‘One of the most influential homosexual rights bloggers’

Note from Pam: I may not be riding a tractor or joy-riding on lobster boats (as a nice lesbian should), as noted in the following tribute to me by the Maine Family Policy Council, but I have been told that I am wicked because of my “sinful promotion of homosexual behavior” and “a leading source of radical homosexual propaganda, anti-Christian bigotry, and radical transgender advocacy” by the Christian Civic League of Maine. Yowzah!

Oh look, our favorite blogmistress has recieved further accolades from the Maine Family Policy Council Staff, or is it Peter who wrote this? (I'm just saying is all). [emphasis mine]


LaBarbera's upcoming visit has caused one of the most influential homosexual rights bloggers, Pam Spaulding, to sound a warning.  On her website, Pam's House Blend, Spaulding writes that because of LaBarbera's visit, the debate on same sex marriage “will not be taking place in a vacuum.”

It is highly significant that Pam Spaulding thinks of the current debate as taking place in a vacuum. Spaulding clearly sees both sides as praising the virtues of marriage, but ignoring the issue of sexual perversion. In other words, both sides are simply echoing each other's message, and both sides use the same wholesome imagery.

But “Americans for Truth,” LaBarbera's website, does not show 'gay' couples sitting on tractors or joy-riding on lobster boats. LaBarbera uses photos from 'gay pride' events to show the horrifying truth about the radical homosexual agenda; and he backs up his claims with solid evidence from the fields of medicine, sociology and psychology.

The image of normalcy – the approach favored by gay radicals – is easily refuted by a single horrifying photo from their own 'gay pride' events. It seems that not all aspects of the homosexual lifestyle are as wholesome as an episode from “Father Knows Best.” And since a  single picture is worth a thousand words, the approach used by “Americans for Truth”  will ultimately win the day, if given a chance.

You've got to give them credit.  At least they are being somewhat honest, however wrong they are.  The vacuum that Pam speaks of is not that of discussing “sexual perversion” but that actual LGBT people who aren't on the fringes of the community are being ignored.  The voices of non-activists are not heard.

The honesty is about the imagery used.  Yes we all use “wholesome” imagery, whatever that is, to portray ourselves as normal, because that's what we are.  The pictures that The Peter likes to use are that of the fringes of people in the LGBT spectrum (actually the human spectrum because the same people exist in the heterosexual world). 

The writer is wrong however that Peter's imagery will win the day.  The broad brush strategy will ultimately fail as more and more people discover they have LGBT family, friends, neighbors and co-workers.

Below the fold, find out who MFPC thinks is part of the Homosexual Agenda [TM].

The issue of perception versus reality is an important one. Few people in Maine know the astounding  power and influence of the homosexual rights movement, and fewer still know its symbols.

Who would know the meaning of the symbols shown below, for example? The bumperstickers on this car in Augusta are a silent 'dog-whistle' which tells other homosexuals that the owner supports the Human Rights Campaign, the nation's largest homosexual rights organization (the yellow and blue equal sign) and has had some contact with a sadomasochist organization in Georgia (a map of the state of Georgia drawn with the colors used by the sadomasochist movement, black and blue.)

Oops, That's not a symbol of sadomasochists.  That's a symbol of law enforcement.  Unless the Maine Family Policy Council likes getting roughed up by big strong men and women in uniform.  It is however unfortunate that they didn't think enough to block out the owner's tags to help protect their identity, but then again, since when have they been about protecting anything or anyone?

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