Just got this tear-soaked email from Human Events- seems that those big bad meanies and bullies at ABC won’t, GASP!, air poor widdle Dickie Morris and his League of American Voters TV ad!

He’s so upset that he had to have his buddy Bobby give us this note from school:

Dear Reader:

I have some very shocking news.

ABC television has banned our TV ad from airing on its network.

Frankly, I was stunned when I heard the news from our media buyer yesterday.

Right now, our TV ad exposing Obamacare is running in 12 states.

You can see this powerful ad by Going Here Now.

With our success – thanks to your incredible support – we were planning to go national, so we sent the ad to the major networks.

This TV ad simply tells the truth about Obamacare.

It was crafted by Dick Morris, the Fox News contributor and famous campaign strategist.

This powerful ad features a respected medical doctor – a neurosurgeon, in fact – who warns that Obamacare will decimate healthcare for seniors and others in need of life-saving medical procedures.

As Dr. Cuffe explains in the ad, if Obama gets his way and adds 50 million new patients to the government system, it inevitably will lead to rationing of healthcare procedures and vital medicines for the elderly.

Dr. Cuffe says universal healthcare has led to this same situation in Canada and England.

You can see Dr. Cuffe and donate to help air this ad – Go here Now.

We know why ABC is so afraid of the League’s TV ad. It knows the message resonates with the American people.

This is the same network that aired an infomercial for the Obama plan directly from the White House.

Clearly, ABC knows seniors will not be hoodwinked by Obama when they learn the truth.

Despite ABC’s brazen act of censorship, we need to continue to run this ad on other stations across the nation and on major networks.

Time is very short, so we really need your help.

Please Go Here Now to Support This Ad.

We CAN make a huge difference. The ABC decision proves we are on the right track.

Please help us today!

Thank you.


Bob Adams

Executive Director

P.S. I know this is vacation season for many people. I can assure you that we at the League are working overtime to stop Obamacare. We have made incredible progress. But we believe we have a major battle ahead this September when Congress returns. We need to get our message out to as many people as we can. Please remember both individuals and corporations can donate to us, and there is no limit to the amount. So please Donate Here Now.

So to shut up the wailing brats, er, help out the poor little darlings, let’s watch the video…WAH!!!

And let’s do it QUICKLY, before they “pull a Vitter”

There, there, “Widdle Dickie”go say your prayers like a good widdle FauxNews propagandist, grab a teddy bear and take a nappy-poo!




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