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Smelt & Hammer v US Dismissed. . . Again

The controversial Smelt and Hammer v United States lawsuit challenging DOMA has been dismissed again, this time on precedural grounds – and its a good thing. Smelt and Hammer's attorney, Richard Gilbert, is, in the opinion of many, not qualified to handle such a strategically important case which risks not only the rights of his clients, but the rights of millions of other LGBT Americans as well.

This is also the case in which Obama's DOJ filed the horribly offensive brief equating us to pedophiles and such. But, it is also the case in which the DOJ just recently filed a new brief conceding the arguments regarding child rearing by gay and lesbian parents.

So while Smelt and Hammer v US has served as a “wake-up and revise” call to the White House and the DOJ, lets all hope Smelt, Hammer and their attorney decide not to refile and let the big boys, Olson and Boies, take it from here.

AP article here for further reading.

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