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How did this fall under the radar?

Michael Jones posted an entry over at titled Catholic Church Gives Millions to Fight Gay Marriage. Why Won't They Give Money for Health Care? He discusses the fact that the Catholic Church has already donated over $100,000 to stripping same-sex couples the right to marriage in Maine. He also discussed the Catholic Churches role in California (which amounted in the Millions.) One of Michael's claims is that the Catholic Church has indicated that they are ready and willing to contribute $2 million toward their agenda. 

With that said, I did a little research, and found that on August 4th, Catholic News Agency reports that they were awarded a $100,000,000 (that's right, ONE HUNDRED MILLION TAX DOLLARS) disaster aid contract from the federal government.

I find this SOOOOOOOOOOOO unbelievably disturbing. I understand that these funds are supposed to be directed ONLY toward federal relief efforts. The problem that I have is that to me, it honestly looks a lot like money laundering via the federal government with OUR TAX DOLLARS.

Here's how this scenario looks to me. We give them $100,000,000 for disaster relief. This frees up millions of Catholic money for them to use AGAINST US! This is true will their other “charitable” federal funds. Take the $100,000 they already gave to the Yes on 1 campaign in Maine. How many people COULD they have helped with that money? 

instead of helping fellow mankind, they are using the money to HARM fellow law-abiding, tax-paying citizens. Do they provide some “good” services to people? Absolutely. But my problem is, that while they are using PUBLIC funding for their front groups……..”charities” they use their PRIVATE funds to HARM others (the LGBT community,) why are we, TAX payers, being forced to providing PUBLIC funding to these THIEVES when they use private funds for lobbying purposes that HARM fellow citizens?


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