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From the LMAO dept: Sean Hannity in 2012

Protect the keyboards as Faux blowhard Sean Hannity, humbly offers to save the country by running for the presidency in 2012. From WingNutDaily:

Egged on by radio colleague Bill Cunningham, Hannity said he would consider entering the front lines of the political fray if God directs him.

“I've never made a decision in my life without – whatever destiny God has you've got to fulfill it,” he said. “I'm not sure that's my destiny.”

Hannity would make a formidable candidate, with the likability of Reagan, good looks and strong convictions. He's also a polished communicator and knows the issues inside out.

Later in the program, a member of the audience asked what the host thought of a Hannity-Palin ticket. he studio audience erupted in applause.

Hannity asked: “Would any of you really want me to run?” Loud applause followed.

Bring it on, friend of Hal Turner.

On WABC Hannity inherited Grant's fan base of angry white males, who listened to his show in the New York City area. Hannity recognized his audience's thirst for red meat, racist rhetoric. However, he knew that if he wanted to avoid Grant's fate, he needed an air of deniability. When “Hal from North Bergen” began calling his show, Hannity found he could avoid the dangers of direct race-baiting by simply outsourcing it to Turner.

Turner unleashed a barrage of hate speech at his perceived enemies–“bull-dyke lesbians,” “savage Negro beasts,” “filthy mongrels,” etc. In 2003 Turner said US District Judge Joan Humphrey Lefkow was “worthy of being killed” for ruling against white supremacist leader Matthew Hale in a trademark dispute. The day after Lefkow's husband and mother were found murdered on February 28, Turner penned an article for the far-right chat room Liberty Forum outlining tips to help white supremacists avoid scrutiny from federal agents. “So what can we, as White Nationalists (WN), expect as a result [of the killings]?” Turner wrote. “Frankly, a SHIT STORM!” Turner was eventually visited by FBI agents, though when a suspect was arrested, he had no organizational links to white supremacist groups. By this time, Turner had quit the Jewish-owned WBCQ because, as he told the Associated Press, he saw Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ and realized he “could no longer do business with Jews.”

…Two years later, during California's gubernatorial recall election, Hannity repeatedly attacked Democratic candidate and Lieutenant Governor Cruz Bustamante as a racist for refusing to renounce his association thirty years prior with the Chicano student group MECHA. Yet Hannity is silent about the racist affiliations of favored guests like Family Research Council president Tony Perkins, Mississippi Republican Governor Haley Barbour and former Republican Congressman Bob Barr, all of whom have spoken before gatherings of America's largest white supremacist group, the Council of Conservative Citizens.

Hannity remains silent, too, about his relationship with his former friend, the neo-Nazi Hal Turner. Whatever he thinks about Turner's politics today, Hannity views his career as a uniquely glorious phenomenon–right-wing hate radio as the American Dream. “This is America, after all,” Hannity wrote in Let Freedom Ring. “Whatever you think, you're free to say it out loud–as long as you're prepared to defend it. And if you get lucky…someday you might even get paid for it.

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Pam Spaulding