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Dangerous Situation Currently Unfolding At Acadia National Park’s Thunder Hole

5pm Update from NECN: 20 people were on the cliffs, 9 people taken to 3 area hospitals, Coast Guard still looking for 2 missing people. No mention of the 3rd person, the 10 year old.

4pm Update from Bangor Daily News: Crowd estimates of 1000-2000 people were watching the breakers   when about a dozen were washed off to sea.

A 10 year old girl is still missing.

WABI-5 (Bangor, CBS) reporting more details.

Rescue crews are searching for a 10-year-old girl who reportedly was swept into the sea by a large wave about 11:30 Sunday morning.

Onlookers said 1,000 to 2,000 people had gathered near Thunder Hole on Sunday morning to watch surf raised by Hurricane Bill, when a series of large waves crashed on shore and several people were swept away, including the girl who has not been identified late Sunday afternoon.

A Coast Guard helicopter, jet aircraft and boat, along with Maine Marine Patrol, MDI Search and Rescue and private boats were searching for the girl Sunday afternoon. The Coast Guard was issuing alerts to boaters in the area to be on the lookout for anyone in the water.


I don’t know whether to tag this as “dangerous weather” or as “abject stupidity”

There are coastal flood warnings and high surf advisories up and down the Maine coast today- Hurricane Bill missed us by a wide berth, but the effects are still grazing the coastline.

So… what do people do? They go, by the dozens, to see the big “crashers”!

And inevitably, situations like this occur- one of the worst I can remember.

ACADIA NATIONAL PARK (NEWS CENTER) –Officials say several people have been swept off the rocks into the sea near Thunder Hole in Acadia National Park.

The first call of people in the water came into Bar Harbor Police around noon. So far at least six people have been rescued and transported with serious injuries to area hospitals.

Search and rescue crews are still looking for one to three persons believed to still be in the water.

Here’s a Youtube of Thunder Hole during a Nor’easter a few years back- this is NOTHING to mess with.

Yet in the video, you can here that it’s a father with his little kids- who ask their dad if they can “go down there” and repeatedly exclaim how “cool, fun and awesome this is”:

One hopes that these current examples of complete idgits today, who apparently couldn’t heed the warnings or see the waves well enough from behind the protective sea walls up on the access road do not cause rescue workers to be injured or potentially lost as well.

h/t Laura…

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