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Mutts & Death

No matter which party you seem to love, wake the hell up. We have a Government that is incapable of doing anything right. The best example of this is they haven’t fixed one problem this country has. They continue to make new ones everyday, but thay have no answers to any of the old ones.

Social Security is heading towards the red, but they won’t stop taking the money out of it. The easiest fix would be to leave the money in the fund, but the pea brains we send to Washington can’t comprehend something as simple as this.

If the illeagal aliens are a problem send them home.Every one of them with a job, is one less job an American has a chance for. This is not rocket science, it’s common sense.

The retards bitch about high taxes, but vote the same pea brains back into office every election. Their only solution to any problem is more taxes. They are supposed to fix healthcare, but their answer is to tax us more. If we are paying more than any other industialized nation, change the way the money is spent. For profit healthcare is making money off the sickness of the people.

The idiots in Washington are making money off the present Healthcare system, so they aren’t looking out for the people.
Anything they do, will just continue the problems in the old system, and add new problems to it.

We have become a country of people who don’t know whats good for them. People on both sides of the isle are looking to the Congress, to save us from the Congress. This is like betting on a dead horse. The Democrats think their people will give them something good. The Republicans think their people will save us from the Democrats. If either have any good ideas, why haven’t they came up with them in the past. The Republicans ran the damn Country for six years, and did absolutly about healthcare, and didn’t fix a problem. We gave it to the Democrats and the are doing little to nothing.

Face the facts it’s not which party is in there, it’s the dumb people we send there. We love those eighty and ninety year olds that are on the verge, of demenia. The younger ones who are barely qualified to be dog walkers, make our laws and run our Country.

These people have given the wealth of this Nation away, and put us into debt we will probably never be able to repay, and we the people seem content to let them keep doing it to us. If any idiot thinks that they aren’t going to pay more taxes to pay back the debt, they are truly retarded.

Our Congress has given money to a Military that can’t defend us. Givin foreign aid to countries that hate us. Spent money on Wars that are absolutly no good for America. They have subsidized every big business with our money, while doing little for us. They spent trillions bailing out the banks with little question, but didn’t bail out the people losing their homes. They bailed out AIG, but didn’t bail out the people who lost on their proerty values, investments, and retirement funds. The recovery act they send the money to the states and departments, which have proven in the past not to be able to handle our money. Just like in Africa where they always give the aid to the governments who live high on it, while their people starve.

Face the fact our government doesn’t work, and as long as we fool ourselves that it does, this country is going to go down hill, and take all of us with it.

Remember not one speculator went to jail, not one banker went to jail, not one Wall Street big wig went to jail, not one medicare rip off artist went to jail, not one crooked Doctor, Healthcare CEO, Hospital Exec, Insurance CEO, phara Exec went to jail.
Remember that The politicians never seem to go to jail, the bad guys in the government never go to jail, all the people that have taken advantage of the American People never seem to go to jail.

We the People face jail if we don’t do what we are told, make a mistake, or do something they don’t like. The people who prey on us get a get out of jail free card. When are the American People going to wake up. People on both sides of the isle are running around like idiots worrying about healthcare, while all the other problems are killing the Country.

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