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Evangelical Lutheran Church Approves Same-Sex Blessings by 60+%

UPDATE: At 4:45pm (cst) the Evangelical Lutheran Church also approved the rostering of clergy in same-gender commited relationships by a vote of 55+%. 

According to SoVo:

On Friday morning, delegates voted 619 to 402 to approve a resolution allowing churches that want to recognize same-sex unions to do so in the manner they see fit. They then discussed a resolution that would allow gay pastors, currently required to be celibate, to enter into monogamous relationships with same-sex partners. No vote was taken before breaking for worship and lunch; debate is expected to resume around 3 p.m. Eastern time.

My heart is filled with hope today as more and more cracks are forming in the religious damn to equality, dignity and respect.

This afternoon's debate and vote on gay clergy in committed relationships is being live-streamed and you can watch it here: Click the “Launch Player” button to get to the live stream.

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