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Vatican Upholds “Punishment” Of Maine Catholic Priest

Some punishment… according to this story, no one even knows where Doucette IS!

And where he was never convicted, he’s not on the sexual offender registry, either. Nifty…

PORTLAND — The Vatican has confirmed the discipline imposed by the Diocese of Portland on a Roman Catholic priest twice accused of sexual improprieties.

The Rev. Michael Doucette will be allowed to retain the title of priest, but he won’t be able to present himself as a priest, wear clerical garb or have a public ministry.

Doucette was removed from the public ministry in 1991 after an abuse victim came forward and was allowed to resume his ministry a year later after treatment. He was removed permanently in 2002 after another victim reported he made sexual advances before his treatment in 1991.

Boy, they sure do jump on these little issues in a timely manner in Rome, huh? Sheesh!

Doucette, Doucette… sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Michael Doucette. His confession and story was covered by NYT, as well as by Time, both in 2002.

Oh, that’s right…

Think Bishop Malone will continue to maintain his position that “same sex marriage is dangerous” or do you think he’ll be as quiet as a church mousey?

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