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Ted Nugent Fired For Being Too Far “Right”- in TEXAS!


Seems Ted was writing editorials for the Waco Tribune-Herald and that TPTB took offense at some of his latest writings:

Nugent, the Nuge colloquially, was fired from the paper late last week after he was asked to tone down his right-wing rhetoric in his columns, at the request of the paper’s new owners.

The Nuge responded by sending out an editorial about getting fired.

Editor Carlos Sanchez laid out the progression of events here:

One of the first things that the Trib’s new owners, the Robinson family, made clear to me was that changes were coming to our opinion page.

The first: Expect more conservative editorials.

The second was less public but no less important to the Robinsons: The opinions we published were going to be thoughtful and civil.

Beyond the staff who builds our Opinion page daily, that meant one person: Ted Nugent.

I sent Nugent an e-mail on behalf of the Robinsons asking if his columns could meet several conditions:

* That all columns are thoughtful.

* No personal attacks.

* Officials be treated with a modicum of respect.

* Offer your viewpoint instead of attacking that of others.

Within a couple of hours, Nugent responded via e-mail:

“Cando (sic) Carlos. let’s give it a whack. You got numerous of my pieces in hand, correct? Use what you can & we shall upgrade ASAP. In Africa now. T”

All sounds cordial, right? Well, check out what “Nuge” put out on his website to his fans:

“So I get this spineless, soulless anti-American Email from Carlos Sanchez, new editor of Waco Tribune, listing new rules for my weekly Sunday feature telling me I cant (sic) criticize anyone, only recommend things, can’t have any negativity, only cute nicyness.”


Sounds like he could sit in for Lou Dobbs or anyone at FauxNews in a heartbeat!

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