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Prairie Recommends: Joe Klein on GOP Nihilists

Yes, I had to look it up. Nihilism.

Why didn’t you just say it plain, Joe. Your argument strikes a familiar chord with my own belief, yes from the crucible of end-of-life circumstances for my dear husband, that the current Republican party is driven by their own sense of entitlement, bereft of a moral compass that would lead them to make their case based on facts rather than lies, distortions and fearmongering, and bowing down terrified to the Golden Calf that is Limbaugh. That reason and common good are anomalies in the Republican party and The Family’s C Street mindset is the juggernaut that rules.

Moderation has been neutered in the Republican Party as decisively as Sarah Palin guttin’ a goat*. Moral bankruptcy that preys on the muttonheads. Where is a Ralphie** when you need him? I’ve deliberately left out William Munny***, because unlike the Republicans who cower while right wing extremists and militia types have hijacked their party, I do not recommend violence or threat of violence as a solution.

Just courage from any of the cowering conservatives who have compromised every so-called value they bleat at the rest of us. Standing up, speaking out, not backing down.

Must reading today from Joe Klein.

* goat: antelope. Yes, I have hunted and gutted one myself. No faux bona fides here.
** Ralphie: Gene Shepherd’s Christmas Story
*** William Munny: Clint Eastwood’s The Unforgiven
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