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Late Night: Right and Wrong Do Kinda Exist, Y’Know…

Marcy hardly needs me to defend her, so I won’t, but that’s not to say Marc Ambinder’s kinda-sorta-pology for saying that folks who thought the Bushites were manipulating the color-coded "terror alert" system for crass political gain were motivated by "gut hatred" of George W. Bush isn’t in and of itself a remarkable document worth exploring.

I remember first encountering the "Irrational Bush Hatred" thing back during the Great Run-Up to War in 2002. I was at first baffled by it, being younger and, happily, less acquainted with the twisty backwards-logic of the wingnut reptile mind. There was always a certain inverted genius about the accusation. Because I did hate George W. Bush! But it was nothing personal. Strictly business. See, I thought, correctly, as it emerged, and as indeed was absurdly easy to figure out at the time, that George Bush was making up ridiculous crap in order to sucker the nation into a disastrous war that would get a lot of people killed for no sane reason. It seemed to me, not unreasonably, that someone who would do such a thing was kind of an asshole. And hence I concluded that George W. Bush was an utter asshole, as were his advisers, cronies, Sith-lords, sycophants, and Internet Fan-Base. They were all crazy assholes. And they still are!

But then these crazy assholes turned around and said to people like Armbinder, "these people are calling us crazy assholes. Isn’t that rude?" And Armbinder by his own account nodded, and I dunno, rubbed his chin, chewed his cud, and decided that Civil Discourse requires that when one must consider the competing claims of those who dislike liars and say so, on the one hand, and on the other hand, liars, the only sensible way to come to a decision is to figure out who’s nicer.

And since it’s not nice to call someone a liar, even if they are a liar, it’s kind of not a fair competition.

You know who was a real dick? That kid who said the Emperor had no clothes. What a presumptuous little shit.

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