Flotsam and Jetsam From The Good Ship Back-Stabbing Douche

You may remember back in January when back-stabbing douche & Pajamarama CEO Roger Simon opened up his squirrel cage full of bloggers and set them free [cue Born Free theme music followed quickly by horrified screaming, then gurgling, then munching sounds]. Suddenly wingnut bloggers who had put their soul dead real life careers (Radio Shack cashier, sign spinner, Hannity fluffer) on hold for the fame and fortune that comes with being a ‘citizen journalist’ were dragging themselves through the Obama streets at dawn looking for an angry fix… also known as a guest blogger spot at Michelle Malkin’s House O’Bile.

It was sad. So very very sad.

But still they beat on, dolts against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past of ‘Democracy, Whiskey, Sexy! and "Heh. Indeed." I must blog on, I can’t blog on, I’ll blog on.

Struggling with business plans which read:  Broad statement backed up by paraphrase from Liberal Fascism + link from Instapundit = profit! they almost starved. Some, like Ace O’Spades, were forced to admonish their readers to "keep it down" while they lured in potential suckers advertisers:

Please, a Favor

I know I dropped the "c bomb" last week, but that was something I don’t do very often, and on top of that, I had no advertisers then.

I’m trying to get some advertisers — with the lone exception of a Killing Time ad from blog-friend Pegu, I haven’t made a dime this whole month — and so I’d appreciate if people calmed down a bit with the language.

Yes, I know I did it. I am not assigning moral fault or anything. It was my bad.

But I would appreciate it if commenters cooled it on unnecessarily obscene language and statements that might, as they say, scare the horses.


A lot of obscenity… like f-bombs and "bullshit" is barely even obscene anymore, so ubitquitous(sic) is it on the internet. The ones to watch out for are the male and female versions of the c-bomb, tossing out "bitch" unnecessarily, angry gay baiting, talk of shooting and hanging people even in jest, etc. Some political correctness there, yeah, but consider that Netflix, for example, may not want an ad running next to a post with a lot of such sentiments.

I’m not saying write like angels. I’m just asking to tone it down a little, especially when it’s just for the sake of angry venting.

But the advertisers didn’t bite and once again a great darkness  fell across the land. Now  MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer, in the greatest televised fraud since the moon landing,  has attempted to start a race war on the teevee and this has really twisted Ace’s sheets  so he has, once again, unleashed the dogs of "angry venting":

As I have noted with footnotes and authoritative citations previously, Contessa Brewer is a dirty, lying, pus-mouthed whore.

A cheap, sore-riddled nasty bit of gutterscrunge who’ll rent you her mouth for the change in your pocket.

A tawdry wallow-trollop oozing with syphilitic fester who raises her filthy skirts at the scent of crack-smoke.

A disease-dripping pincushion, the media’s vile mattress of last resort, a pathogen in garish vinyl high heels, a loose-toothed croup-breathed nightcrawler reeking of bathtub gin, fungicide, and the genetic stink of human desperation.

A skanky bit of mung-trash sloughing off diseased skin like a leprous snake. (A leprous snake who whores out her verminous cloaca for two bits a pop, I mean.)

This sad clown of a whore, oozing with foul custard and slack and sloppy as an over-used trash bag, is too stupid to know how to lie judiciously, and so lies promiscuously and wantonly, demonstrating all the discretion she once showed in junior high when her nickname was "Automatic" Brewer.

By the way: No, I don’t think Contessa Brewer really "did" this. She’s too stupid. She doesn’t have that kind of responsibility. Her job is to wear a wonderbra, eat rice pudding with a "safety spoon," blow the line producer, and read the phonetically-spelled questions someone else writes for her.

Since Ace didn’t drop the "c bomb" on Contessa, the door remains open for some advertising dollars. Possibly with eHarmony. I see great synergy there….

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