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Bloggers: Take A $300,000 Victory Lap

Goal ThermometerWe just crossed the $300,000 mark in our effort to thank the progressive members of Congress who signed the August 19 letter, pledging  to vote against any health care bill that does not have a public plan. 

I just want to take a moment to thank those who have been so supportive of the public plan whip effort all along, which culminated in this amazing achievement.  The network of blogs and bloggers carrying the message into their districts weren’t A-list bloggers for the most part, but their ability to reach into the back yards of their progressive representatives has been absolutely vital.  They did it when it was hard, when it wasn’t popular, when it didn’t have a lot of heat behind it, just because it was the right thing to do.  And we couldn’t have done it without them.

Those who helped create a climate of consistent pressure that led directly to the August 19 letter  include blogs like Burnt Orange Report, Dirigo Blue, Left Wing Cracker, Southern Beale, Fired Up Missouri, Rikyrah, Left In the West, Delaware Liberal, Square State Project (Zappatero — you’re the bomb), Hillbilly Report, Texas KaosDownWithTyranny, AmericaBlog, Talk Left, Glenn Greenwald, Loaded Orygun, Pennsylvania for Change, Delaware Way, Boztopia, Griper News, Pinko Magazine, The Albany ProjectProgress Illinois, Bob Fertik, David Swanson, Cedwyn, Pronin2 (Mr. Rapid Response),  McJoan, Chris Bowers, Kagro X, NotLarrySabato, Green Mountain Daily, Buckeye State Blog, Michigan Liberal, Blue Hampshire, Blue Jersey, MN Progressive Project, D-DayGort42, the always wonderful MyLeftNutmeg, and of course Slink, NYCeve & Mike Stark.  These are just a few of the blogs and bloggers that deserve thanks, and we’ll be putting up a more permanent repository of names & thank-yous in the next few days. 

To all of you who pitched in when it really mattered, take a bow, you did this.  You kept the momentum going when it was really, really important.   We cannot thank you enough for your continued support.

If I’ve missed anyone who helped to pressure members of Congress as part of the whip count effort, leave links in the comments and I’ll catch you in the next round.  This is the result of your hard work — so take a victory lap.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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