Keeping abortion out of the reach of the riff-raff

 A coalition of ‘concerned citizens’, wingnut welfare front groups, and panty sniffers (I’ll leave it to you to figure who falls under which category. Some can claim multiple membership) have banded together to make sure that abortion funding is not included in whatever half-assed  health care plan the gutless Democrats finally cobble together. The idea being that, if government funding is available for abortions, women will wake up in the morning and be all, "Hmm…. should I go to the mall or have an abortion today?" because woman just love abortin’,  particularly if it’s free, just like a makeover at M•A•C.

Abortion is only for those who can afford it. The uninsured Poors will just have to have their babies.

The cycle of poverty demands it.

Oddly enough, nobody mentioned the Fetus-B-Gone® Death Panels. Probably an oversight.


Why will more abortion clinics pop up in my neighborhood?

Since abortion will be mandated and essentially made a fundamental right under the new healthcare plan, it will be mandatory that the companies participating the program meet the minimum requirements for participating in the exchange, insurance companies will have to ensure there are abortionists readily accessible in every region.

Drive-Thru Abortion Clinics are going to be the new Starbucks.

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