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Health Care Action in the States

Today’s In The States includes Tennesse, Virginia, Kentucky, California, Arizona, Illinois, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Massachusetts and features a lot of action on the Blue America "Standing Up For The Public Option" ActBlue page.

Tennesse Jeff at The Flypaper Theory took Rep. Steve Cohen to task for not being part of today’s thank you action. There is lots of great action on Cohen, Left Wing Cracker has a roundup. Check it out, they are doing great stuff.

Virginia Not Larry Sabato said it is "time to get out your wallet" to support members drawing a line in the sand, but noted: "No Virginians on this list yet. How embarrassing."

Kentucky Barefoot and Progressive hit Blue Dog Ben Chandler for "killing healthcare reform"

California David Atkins at Calitics wrote a great piece thanking by name the 13 California members who have taken the pledge and wrote, "With an approach that uses more carrots and less sticks, hopefully we can encourage others in California and across the country to join these brave progressive leaders."

Ohio Tim Russo at Blogger Interrupted had a great analysis and noted, "House Democrats are pushing back on the public option, and Blue Dogs damn well better join them, or they will be the first to go in 2010. Question for Blue Dog Zack Space and your ilk – how the fuck do you think you’re gonna survive a Republican year in 2010 fueled by what Republicans will claim as a “victory” over health care reform? You think you got problems now? Wait until you look at your empty campaign offices in October 2010."

Arizona David Safier at Blog for Arizona linked to actblue and wrote, "the total money collected sends the message that people support the actions of those who won’t compromise away a strong public option."

Illinois Sandra Verthein at Prairie State Blue wrote, "In an effort to show my appreciation for their resolve I went to Act Blue and threw in a cool $10 each to the only three Illinois congresspeople on the list: Luis Gutierrez, Phil Hare, & Jesse Jackson Jr. So … where are the rest of our Illinois Dems? Jan? Mike? Danny? Your buddies are looking pretty lonely there."

Connecticut tparty at My Left Nutmeg wrote, "While zero members of Congress from Connecticut have taken a pledge to oppose any legislation without a public option, 64 Democratic members of Congress have."

Pennsylvania Brendan Calling wrote, "I am chipping in what few bucks I can spare to keep the progressives in line. Reward good behavior and leave a personal message that you punish bad behavior. You know I will, here at brendancalling and at the weekly."

Texas Katherine Haenschen at Burnt Orange Report asked people to donate and was proud to note, "Here in Texas, we’re lucky to have three such Representatives on the list: Lloyd Doggett (TX-25), Sheila Jackson Lee (TX-18), and Eddie Bernice Johnson (TX-30)."

Massachusetts David at Blue Mass Group asked readers to "show them the money" and wrote, "I’m pleased to report that the Massachusetts delegation is well represented. Congressmen Capuano, Delahunt, Frank, McGovern, Olver, and Tierney are on the list. If your congressperson isn’t there, let him or her hear from you!"

North Carolina Chris Kromm at Blue NC totally busted Blue Dog Jim Cooper pushing co-ops which Jim Cooper himself had blasted.

Nevada Tracy Viselli at Reno and its Discontents wrote, "There is not one Nevada Democratic legislator on this list created by ActBlue so there will be no carrots ($$) for Dina Titus or Shelley Berkley. […] But there is still time for Titus and Berkley to pledge support for health care reform that contains a public option. There is still time for them to do the right thing for Americans. And if they do, I will be more than happy to give them some carrots."

What are you doing in your state? If you have a blog, sign up to whip votes for the public option.

And a HUGE thanks to everyone pushing today’s fundraising, including (email if we missed you) Big Tent Democrat @ Talk LeftJim Nichols @ Under the Name of ReasonCats r flyfishn @ Pennsylvania for ChangeMike Lux @ Open LeftNancy Willing @ Delaware Way BoztopiaJohn Amato @ Crooks & LiarsGriper NewsDigby @ HullabalooPinko MagazineAdam Doster @ Progress IllinoisJoe Sudbay @ AmericaBlogTibuzRalph @ ShrinkRap Mr. Natural @ Left Edge of North and, of course, Howie Klein @ Down With Tyranny

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