Just got this email and am forwarding to everyone- this is a 3 day offer, peeps! Let's dig in and see what we can do to help hit the $10k mark! 🙂


Dear Louise,

Can you believe in only 34 days, the people of Maine can start voting to protect marriage equality? I received a note today from a very generous anonymous Mainer who wants to challenge you directly.  

Here's the deal – if we can raise $10,000 by Friday, he'll double it.  That means we'll have $20,000 to protect marriage equality. 

Donate today to double your impact.

If you donate $250, then it becomes $500.

If you donate $100, then it becomes $200.

But we only have until Friday to make good on this match.  We need to make $10,000 and I know we can do it.   

And now is the time.  Your donation is – literally – three times more valuable now, in the early days of the campaign, than it is at the end.   And that's exactly why our opponents have tapped out-of-state, anti-gay groups like Focus on the Family and National Organization for Marriage who have already poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into Maine.

Now is the time. Double your money. Double your impact. Donate today and help us make this Friday match count.  

Thank you,

Jesse Connolly 
Campaign Manager
NO on 1 / Protect Maine Equality

P.S. Help double your impact and donate right now to reach our goal before Friday! Your contribution of$250, $100, $50 or any other amount, will help us take advantage of this generous supporter’s challenge!





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