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Personal blog post: Health Care and Health Insurance: How it is and how it should be

"…I remember always seeing jars perched atop counters at local shops, gas stations and other convenience stores with little notes attached, “Please donate for Mikey’s heart surgery,” or “Donate to help get Sharon kidney treatment.” Of course these were just minute observations I’d made. Sometimes I chipped in a buck or two, other times the jars were so many that they just didn’t make sense anymore. The jars still pop up every now and then. I couldn’t believe that so many people weren’t (and still aren’t) getting health care treatments simply because a) they don’t have or can’t afford health care insurance, or b) their health care insurance won’t pay for the treatments for whatever reason they deem valid, or c) they had health insurance but just didn’t earn enough money to meet the deductibles or co-pays. Sad, really when you think about it…" Read the rest of this article here: Health Care and Health Insurance: How it is and how it should be

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