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Blue Dog Allen Boyd (FL): “Scrapping Everything” on Heath Care Reform Would Be “Excellent”

160px-Allen_Boyd%2C_official_photo_portrait%2C_color.jpegThanks, Allen.

"I cannot support this bill in the version it is in now," he said. "We can do better. We can make it better."

When a questioner, Ray Evans, said he believed the President wants to do too much at once and asked whether Boyd would "be willing to scrap everything" and start over to do pursue reform more incrementally, the congressman responded: "I think that is an excellent idea … we may end up there."

Meanwhile, yet another Blue Dog bites the White House.

In Mississippi, Rep. Gene Taylor (D), another Blue Dog, told an overflow crowd of about 1,000 people that he opposes the public insurance option, according to the Sun Herald in Biloxi.

“The health care bill is projected that even with the changes that are coming out, if they are able to get them out of it, it is costing us maybe $900 billion tax dollars more, $900 billion of new debt,” he said.

I wonder if Taylor, who voted for the Iraq war — as well as a resolution against an exit date — concern trolled Bush about the cost.

Anyway, the White House made Sebelius "clarify" her remarks about the public option this morning, which puts Boyd and Taylor squarely in opposition with the President.

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