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Anchorage Mayor to Gays: You Don’t Count

On Monday afternoon, Mayor Sullivan vetoed the LGBT anti-discrimination ordinance passed 7-4 by the Assembly last week, citing a lack of evidence and the will of the majority as his reasons.

“I have received nearly 2,500 additional communications from Anchorage residents,” said Sullivan’s veto statement, and “the vast majority of those who communicated their position on the ordinance are in opposition.”

“Civil rights are not a popularity contest,” countered Jackie Buckley, spokesperson for Equality Works.

The news of the veto spread quickly through Alaska’s LGBTA community and protestors gathered at City Hall. A line of ordinance supporters along the street held big letters spelling EQUALITY NOW. Around them stood protestors with signs like, “Headline news: Anchorage Mayor Supports Discrimination” and “Celebrating 50 Years of Discrimination” based on the recent 50 Years of Statehood events.

The Assembly has 21 days to override the veto, and they are 1 vote short of the 8 needed to override. Their next meeting is Tuesday, August 25. Please email the Anchorage Assembly at and tell them that we DO matter, and we are counting on them to protect all minority groups from discrimination, not just the popular ones.

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