Catchy phrase?

A great bumper sticker?

or Just the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

The GOP have been masters at creating the catchy phrase, repeated by all of their political players and their media moguls.

It’s time we did the same.

The marrieds with children don’t have time to dig into the details. But, as the GOP has proven over the years, their catchy, massively repeated, cleverly concise talking points easily become household words in short order.

It’s our turn!

Do you think we would be in the mess we are in if Congress had been watching OUR backs for the past 30 years? I think not.

And don’t forget the harm that double messaging causes to our psyche: It can make us feel crazy.

And what are today’s double messages?

The economy is recovering, but unemployment will continue for another five (5) years.

We are committed to health insurance reform. Remember when it was health care reform?

We have the best medical care system in the world! But we don’t let millions of people use it.

THESE are double message to our collective psyche. So, if you’re feeling a bit unsettled, even crazy, there’s a reason:

The majority of Americans are being massively double-messaged.

Only the insider liars are immune. They have their milk and honey and they want what little you have left!

So, if we don’t get

Health care that can’t take more than 15% of a workers income,

Protection from credit card abuse, 10% interest is generous enough to pay,

Our homes saved because we were victimized by shady mortgage practices,

a decent % of interest on our savings,

The right to a fair wage and a modicum of job security (lay off rules),

Environmental protection/clean energy programs,

Excellent education for all,

The end to all corporate welfare (will your town let you operate tax free?), and

Some serious anti-trust busting so we can succeed if we open a business:

Then let’s keep our response simple:

Watch Our Backs, or You’re Fired