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Rachel, Armey, and O’Reilly

I've never been a big fan of “body language.”  I've regarded it as just a tad more reliable than phrenology, and that was discredited around the turn of the last century.  O'Reilly likes to show photos or news footage of various pols and celebs and put a woman on his show to talk about their “body language.”  I'd wager she might be right about 50% of the time, which is better than phrenology, but not much.  On the other hand, there are times when you really can read a person's body language, especially if your name is Dick Armey and your interrogator is Rachel Maddow.

You remember Dick Armey, don't you? He's the former Representative from Texas who called his colleague from Massachusetts “Barney Fag.”  He did it with a wink, I suspect.  When Rachel confronted him about his role in the disruption of town hall exchanges between elected officials and citizens concerned about  what's in the various versions of the health care reform bill, his lobbying for medical industries, and his lies about a lot of other things, Armey betrayed his inner thoughts by his reaction to Maddow.  For one thing, he almost never looked her in the eyes.  For another, he kept looking away from her — as if to see if anyone else in the studio on the Meet the Press program last Sunday was “in on the joke.”  Like, This woman is a lesbian, right?  Can you believe I am sitting here next to this pervert?

I'm from Texas so I know people like Armey.  They're good old boys who hate gays and lesbians (to them, “fags and dykes”), and when they have to discuss such “perverts” (remember the character, Col. Bat Guano, in Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove?  He called us “preverts”), they do so in coded mannerisms and jerky body language and poop eating grins that seem to say, “Hey, I'm in on the joke, folks.  She isn't fooling anyone.”  

It also amazes me how Armey always manages to throw in something about “God.”  The man cannot speak in public that he doesn't mention “God.”  It is a constant reminder that the only basis for homophobia is religious.  Armey thinks Leviticus and the rantings of that arch misogynist and self-loathing closet homosexual, Saul/Paul of Tarsus are legitimate bases for his fear of, and utter hatred of, gays and lesbians.  Rachel made a fool of him.  She put him down without his ever even knowing it.  She made him look like the silly fool he is.  We can't ask more of one of us.  I think I would have throttled the s.o.b.




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