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PO or No!

Can’t get a much simpler slogan than six letters, three words: PO or No! (h/t TimO). Either health reform contains a public option or there’s no health reform. This is the "now go make me do it" chapter of Barack Obama’s presidency.

No public option? No health care bill in the House.
No public option in the conference report? No passage of the conference report.
No public option? No walking back from Progressive Caucus promises: no bill.

Andrea Mitchell can say "they won’t do that" all she wants about the Democratic United States Senators with an identifiable conflict of interest, either familial or campaign-finance based. But in the House, there are 60 progressives (others say 100) who say: "PO or No!"

I don’t think we’ve had a simpler. more succinct lefty slogan since "No Blood For Oil." Let’s hope "PO or No!" turns out better than that one did.

PO or No!

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge