After nearly 2 1/2 hours of headted and apssionate comments from both sides of the issue, the Bowling Green (OH) City Council approved of two ordinances.

 The first ortinance dealy with adding conditions such as pregnancy, HIV status, political ideology, physical characteristics, and genetic condition — oh and also gender identity and sexual orientation.

After discussion amongst the members, it was decided to remove political ideology from the proposed ordinance,which then after further discussion, passed unanaimously 7-0.


Then came time for the most heated part of the debate — whether to add the  same conditions to the city's non-discrimination ordinance.

Once again, the members voted to delete political ideology and also deleted physical characteristics, afraid an employer was going to be sued because they refused to hire a kid with green hair and six lip piercings at a job with public contact.

After further debate — and a certainty by a couple of the members that the bigo… um I mean opposition will try and force a referendum to put the ordinance on the ballot, the only negative vote came from the representative from MY ward, Mike Frost. The nice thing is, the next time an issue can come before the voters, is November, *2010*!

The meeting is taped by the local PBS affiliate, WBGU-TV, and two of the commercial stations, WTVG-TV and WTOL-TV sent crews to cover the meeting. I was told I made the 11pm news on the latter station.

So look for more diaries from your correspondent living in the wilderness of northwest Ohio.