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Open Ltr to Sen. Durbin: Does anger trump all in political debate?

Re: An Open Letter to Senator Dick Durbin

Dear Senator Durbin,

I am not one of the angry teabaggers who wants their country back and fears guv’mint control, not that either would be made more plausible by even the most transformative health care reform bill imaginable, single payer. A single payer system would however be the most effective cost control structure.

Progressive voters have taken a compromise position, and so did you, when you and we chose a public option. Hold the line on the compromise, do not go back on your word. We support the President’s plan including the public option. The public option must be an option for all Americans in order for it to be a bona fide choice.

I am a voter who supports legislation that serves the American people not corporate interests such as health insurance companies that have repeatedly abused their customers, even at their most vulnerable moments in life, for profit. Please don’t allow the angriest citizens and the most disingenuous political organizing interests – conservative astro-turfing efforts – to control the outcome. Angry people, especially angry people who have scripted rants, do not make better arguments than poised, thoughtful people.

Don’t fear the self-proclaimed mob (#IAMTHEMOB). Recognize it as the bully it has proven itself to be. If anger trumps all else in political debate, then we are surely lost.

Explain again why we’re compromising with Republicans and blue dogs who do not want health care reform and will not vote in favor of whatever bill is brought to the floor.


Neil S.

Please write or call you Congressperson to support a health care reform bill that serves the American people, not the special interests and remind Senators Dick Durbin, Patrick Leahy, and Chuck Schumer to hold the line in support of health care reform and the public option by joining 92,958 other Americans and signing their petition Citizens for Real Health Care Reform.


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