Martial Law in the USA – Coming Right Now

Here’s the immediate news that inspired this posting, from a Rothschild no less…400,000 troops to be deployed on US streets.

If Matthew Rothschild is telling people "Enough With The 9/11 Conspiracies Already!", doesn’t that tell you who he’s covering for?

Use 9/11 to eviscerate the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 – Check

Destroy the National Guard by sending it to Iraq – Check

Test run Federal Domestic Police Force. – Check

Create the indentured servitude of Americans – Check

Create an entirely fake pandemic, implying that natural death rates from the flu are something to fear when called "Swine Flu." – Check

Foment civil war using the media to create the appearance of an equal divide on issues – Check

Desensitize population to legality of torture. Check

Publicize Torture on US citizens to ensure fear of law enforcement. Check

Pass legislation to facilitate Federal Domestic Police Force – Check

Hire new Internment Resettlement Specialist Force – Check

Prepare FEMA Concentration Camps for activation – Check

Test run Air Force take down of Twitter to prevent free flow of real time information among citizens – Check

Redistribute wealth away from 90% of American – Check

Close all banks and force mandatory vaccinations to drive people into the street en masse to protest – Coming Soon

Impose Martial Law – Coming Soon

Microchip entire population. – Coming Soon

And you want to spend your time debating health care?

They control the media entirely.

You’re being gamed!

The need is urgent to expose the truth of this agenda, and reveal the entire truth to all.

Those who attack the messenger serve the master.

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