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I’m Confused, Yer Confused, We’re All Confused

Yeah I’m confused.

Are we really losing the prog healthcare reform we want? You know, the one with NOW, for ALL, LOWER PREMIUMS, competes with industry, reforms care practices to eliminate doc’s and med groups who buy up or start groups with radialogical services and specialty care services so doc’s can refer to their OWN groups for profiteering?

Are we really losing a public option that will compete with insurance industry and lower costs for all?

Are we really losing a real reform effort that will end the elimination of denial of care?

A reform that will put a nationalized plan in competition with private industry (may they rot in hell) to LOWER premiums and COSTS OF DELIVERY?

A reform that will eliminate the 30% overhead of admin and profit skimming bonus plans for the mothuh CEO’s and their hired henchlings?

Are we losing to the 13% minority who are running loud and hard that are the rightwing nut white, racist, misogynist, homophobic idjits that are somehow DOMINATING a dialogue where 76% OF THE AMERICAN PUBLIC HAVE DECLARED FOR A PUBLIC PLAN TO CHALLENGE CORPORATIST AMERCA?

Sorry for the caps and toobz shouting, but hey . . . WTF?


I Don’t THINK so, homey progs and libs. So get over the crap.

And get in the fight. Obama let the stooges have the reins.

In August, they’ve hanged them selves. WELL. And FULLY!!!

Can they do bad stuff, and kill people? SURE!

They kilt JFK, MLK and RFK didn’t they?

Will they kill now?

I don’t know, they killed Dr. Tiller.

But what more can this minority do? Who can they kill now? EVEN with the help of the corporate feudalists? Will the past ghosts of history and government come together again for new killings?

Somehow, I dont’ think so.

There’s a LOT of blowback on the Publican Whackloons recently, that may swing that pendulum to the left, back to a center that’s left of Attila The Hun and Hitler.

Obama has let enough slack loose for the whacko’s (and their closet elected offals that have been revealed) and Blue Dogs to out themselves as being ANTI AMERICAN!!!

And they are suffering from it. GOP party stats are sucking.

We will make it thru August, and THE WORST POO THEY CAN FLING AT US!

And then, reality sets in, Obama steps up (as long as we protest it all) and well, either he signs a reform bill with public pressure on private pervisions, or he vetoes it all till we get what we want.

If he signs shit, then we go ape shit, all over again, and we’re used to that, aren’t we, ya boomer protesters?

Got something LEFT to tear down the walls if forced to do so to save yer asses? Hmm?We’ll see . . . but for now?

Please, QUIT the cheap bitchen about HC Reform, we don’t even have a bill on the desk of the President, to sign.

Till then, it’s all up in the air, and all y’all need to negate the shit, not blow the Pres Up.

But of course, I don’t MIND if ya hold ALL feets to fires, I am. So bust yer elected offals, bust Rahm, bust Obama, bust media and boycott advertisers.But for dawg’s sake, bust some chops!!! If ya don’t fight, now, we don’t deserve squat.If ya don’t fight we all hang. Again.


Larue-Clique Member Since LibbyGate

Larue-Clique Member Since LibbyGate

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