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VA-Gov: Meet Bob McDonnell, Anti-Equality Zealot


Bob McDonnell, the GOP’s candidate for governor against Creigh Deeds, has undergone a thorough extremist-washing in the media covering the gubernatorial campaign. It’s important for Virginia voters to know that McDonnell is a right-wing extremist. Here are the first three of eight handy reminders from blogger Michael in Norfolk:

1) Bob McDonnell earned his law degree from Pat Robertson’s Regent University Law School where he was taught to “think Christianly about the law.” Regent’s goal has always been to train lawyers to move into government office and take over the reins to further the Christianists’ goals and Biblical world view.
2) In 2003, McDonnell opposed the reappointment of Newport News Circuit Court Judge Verbena Askew, the first black female circuit court judge in the Commonwealth of Virginia, on the basis that she was rumored to be a lesbian and therefore may have violated Virginia’s “Crimes against Nature” statute which was struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court later that same year in the Lawrence v. Texas decision.
3) In 2004, McDonnell wrote and sponsored the anti-gay HB 187 bill, a rudimentary precursor to the Virginia Marriage Amendment that passed in November 2006.

If you are or know a Virginia voter, please take the time to read all of Michael’s post at the link. There’s a reason the GOP nominee is nicknamed "Taliban Bob." And there’s a reason the GOP is making every effort to clean up McDonnell’s record and reputation.

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge