Pull Up A Chair…

As a kid, I was fascinated by science fiction shows.

I loved the original Star Trek series a lot, especially City on the Edge of Forever, just superb writing in that one.  (Even though Harlan Ellison still maintains his script got mangled.)

But my big love back then was Dr. Who. Especially the Tom Baker episodes.

The special effects back then were absolute crap. But I loved the show almost because of the salt shaker villains, not in spite of them.

And for the stories.  In those shows, it wasn’t just good versus evil — there was always a twist for some shades of gray that I found fascinating.  Still do.

I’m sure we all have "guilty pleasure" shows or books from childhood or beyond. Thought it might be kind of fun to talk about those a bit this morning. Let’s talk about the things that inspire and entertain us.

Pour another cuppa and pull up a chair…

(YouTube — A quick clip from a Tom Baker episode of Dr. Who, featuring K9.)

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