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Marcy Wheeler on Torture Prosecutions: Liveblog At NN09

Spencer liveblogs Marcy

Spencer liveblogs Marcy via Gregg

Live in Pittsburgh: Our own Marcy Wheeler is on a panel about — what else? — torture prosecutions with Rep. Jerry Nadler, the ACLU’s Melissa Goodman and Vince Warren and Jen Nessel from the Center for Constitutional Rights. I’ll be liveblogging; have at it in comments. Soundtrack is Crucifix’s "Stop Torture," but for my purposes, it’s the chorus to Jay-Z’s "Where I’m From." Marcy, son!

CCR has actual baseball cards of Bush officials who ought to be prosecuted. Will be up on their website shortly. Nadler offers to trade three Ashcrofts for, I think, a Condi.

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Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman