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You and What Armey? Dick Quits DLA Piper

Well, America. . . Rachel. . . you won’t have Dick Armey to kick around anymore. Um, kinda:

Former House Majority Leader Dick Armey (R-Texas) is resigning from DLA Piper law firm amid a wave of negative attention his grassroots organization, Freedom Works, has drawn for helping to organize protesters at health care town hall meetings with members of Congress.

Armey was apparently "concerned" with all the attention he’s getting.

“It is painful and frustrating to see a good, decent, able and effective partnership of honorable men and women and their clients attacked for things in which they are not involved simply because of their association with me."

The Dick, he doth protest too much.

"One would expect a higher degree of competence and professionalism from members of the media than spurious attacks on innocent bystanders.”

Couldn’t have said it better. . . scumbag.

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Gregg Levine

Gregg Levine