(Hot photo credit to Spencer Ackerman)

Ari Melber starts by asking Scrapple who is he and why he is here.

Scrapple starts by raising choice.

Apparently now if you vote for saving the American economy it makes you a "de facto Democrat."

Specter is filibustering. Ari just broke in: "We’re not in the Senate, we’re not going to filibuster."

You should trust me because I have a record of being a boy scout. Okay. He didn’t say that.

Shorter Scrapple: You should trust me because the elite of your party asked me to flip-flop.

Susie rocks the house: You whine and then vote for things.

Scrapple now trying to justify his military commisison vote. Time for Ari to break in to prevent the filibuster again.

Last question, Scrapple tried to argue he didn’t quaver on bills. Now, he’s not answering the question but he’s demonstrating the certified quaver perfectly.

Scrapple doesn’t know from Nate Silver.

Scrapple’s one campaign slogan: I voted for stimulus.

Scrapple pitches stimulus again.

Scrapple says he’s comfortable looking over his right shoulder. Um, Scrapple? That’s your left shoulder.

Scrapple: Data = generalization.

Scrapple: No one in the Democratic caucus has done four town halls.

Um, Scrapple? You’re in the Democratic caucus, remember.

Come on Susie, now’s the time for the Clarence Thomas smack-down.

Scrapple: I think Grassley’s wrong on his granny comments. I’ll call him and tell him.

Call him now, we say.

Specter tried Grassley, but did not get him on the phone. Says he’ll call back in half and hour.



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