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Fundie Kissimmee, FL Commissioner Art Otero Wants ‘God’ in City Logo to Combat the Gays

City Commissioner Art Otero of Kissimmee, Florida is moving forward on an effort to add “In God We Trust” to the city logo.  He proposed the idea because he feared the city and entire country was moving toward “liberal postures on issues such as homosexuality, gay marriage, abortion and the legalization of marijuana.”

He also referred to the Obama administration as “socialist.”  He's a real “middle of the road” type guy.

The City Commission blocked the possible change in early August, citing the “ridicule” Otero's push brought on Kissimmee as well as threats of boycotting local businesses and “future businesses looking elsewhere.” Mayor Jim Swan also said public employees have been deluged with distracting calls and comment on the issue.

Otero, who lists himself as a Fan of  Sarah Palin on Facebook, still contends he has plenty of support and wants residents may start a petition for a voter referendum.Otero refuses to back down from his right-wing push in the Central Florida city:

It's a lot of people supporting bringing this to referendum.  This is important to them in reference to our patriotism.

Right…  There's nothing more patriotic than calling the President a socialist and denigrating entire swaths of people, including LGBT and pro-choice folks.

How did this wingnut get elected?  Isn't there something more important for a city commissioner to focus on during an economic crisis than stirring up religious-based hate?  Maybe he should pass a birther resolution or including something about “death panels” on the city logo.  Heck, maybe he could even get “One Man, One Woman” included…


Way to waste time and energy on something so ridiculous, Otero.  Maybe a good way to “reference your patriotism” would be to focus on your job and stop stirring up right-wing hate.

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