Dick Armey, Quitter

Famous former House majority leader not-married-to-Joan-Walsh and astroturfer extraordinaire Dick Armey has left his position at lobby shop DLA Piper, saying he must make this sacrifice in order to work fulltime on blocking health care reform and to spare the lobbying firm the association with him.

“Despite some unfounded media suggestions attempting to link DLA Piper to FreedomWorks’ opposition to health care reform, the firm has not, on its own behalf, or on the behalf of any client, directly or indirectly opposed any of the pending health care reform bills,” [DLA Piper chairman] Burch said. “On the contrary, DLA Piper represents clients who support enactment of effective health care reform this year.”

Armey told POLITICO he intends to counter misinformation about FreedomWorks’ role in the health care protests and said there have been no disruptions of any town hall meetings where his group has helped organize participants.

And Dick Armey has a new word to describe the organized-from-K-Street astroturf operation Freedom Works is leading:

Rather, he said, opposition over the prospect of government-run health care is organic.

“I’ve rarely seen this much anger and frustration at town hall meetings. We’re going to continue to raise questions about what is appropriate to public policy when liberties are threatened.”

Hope you’ve got some organic popcorn in the cupboard for Dick Armey’s appearance with Dancin’ Dave on Meet The Press with guest Rachel Maddow.

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