Coming up this Monday, the Bowling Green (OH) City Council will be having its third reading on two proposed ordinances: one amends an ordinance on housing discrimination, and the other amends the anti-discrimination ordinance.

The mayor back in 2007 included a number of conditions to their list of protections for city employees: pregnancy, marital status, creed, political ideology, military status, veteran status, genetic information, and sexual orientation. There were no comments from the public, nor letters to the paper. Only one question was brought up by a member of the council.

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Then on May 19, 2008 the council unanamously voted on Resolution #3361, supporting and calling for the Ohio Legislature to pass a state version of ENDA.

On Monday, the following conditions which are already in place for city employees will be proposed to be added: HIV status, physical characteristics, and gender identity/gender expression.

As usual, the religious reicht have begun oozing out of the sewer, trying to deny equal rights because they violate their delicate “Christian” sensibilities. The letters to the editor of the local paper ( have been mixed, but the letters from the bigots have been especially vile.

One letter came from a landlord whom I believe told a gay man attending the local university, “We don't rent to your kind.” (claiming, of course having gays renting his apartments offend his delicate “Christian” sensibilities!) — what would've been the reaction had hesaid that to a protected minority??

Here are the email addresses of the Bowling Green City Council members, and the mayor:

Mayor John Quinn(R):

Megan Newlove, Council President(D):

John Zanfardino(D):

Mike Frost(R):

Robert McOmber(R):

Larry Sorrells(D):

Terry Dunn:

One seat has been open since July, and should've been filled two weeks ago, but wasn't because the two Republicans nominated their candidate for the spot, and the vote failed because one Democrat was absent.