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Town Hall Thuggery Becomes Criminal: Death Threats Against First Lady And First Daughters

WOW. Just… WOW.

I just don’t know where a person’s mind goes, to make a death threat against CHILDREN. There are some seriously sick whackadoos out there at these town halls, folks…

In Maryland, authorities detained a 51-year-old man who showed up at a town hall Wednesday held by Democratic Sen. Ben Cardin with a sign reading “Death to Obama,” the Associated Press reports.

The sign also said, “Death to Michelle and her two stupid kids.”

Photos of the sign here. And get this- no arrests were made and the suspect was never handcuffed!

Anyone else notice the sidearm this guy’s wearing on his right hip?

This photo was sent to NBC25 by an anonymous source, who was in line for Cardin’s meeting on health care reform, but he never made it inside to Kepler Theater.  He tells NBC25 the man was standing along Robinwood Drive, holding the sign as cars drove by.

Mullendore says the man was brought to the Sheriff’s Department by deputies, but he was never handcuffed at any point to his knowledge.

Darrin Blackford, a special agent with the Secret Service in Washington, D.C., says his office is aware of the incident and they are doing appropriate follow-up.  He adds that the office takes seriously every threat that endangers the life of any of their protectees.

According to Blackford, the man was not arrested.

He was interviewed at the sheriff’s office and was allowed to leave after being questioned.

Lemme ask: Can you imagine what would have occurred if someone had made a public death threat against Laura and the Bush twins like this?

Is it even remotely possible that the suspect would NOT have been arrested, let alone handcuffed, and released?

Is it even remotely possible that the suspect’s name would NOT be released- or that the majority of MSM would have ignored the story for over 24 hours???

Yeah, I thought not.

But this here HAS to be the gold standard of understatements.

Deputies detained the unidentified, 51-year-old man near the entrance to Hagerstown Community College about 1 p.m. after getting calls from a number of people attending the meeting held by Sen. Benjamin L. Cardin, D-Md. Obama was not at the meeting.

Barbara Golden, special agent in charge of the agency’s Baltimore field office, said Thursday that an investigation is ongoing but declined further comment. A spokesman at the agency’s Washington headquarters also declined to discuss the investigation.

Police said there were no other arrests among the nearly 1,000 people, some carrying protest signs, who came to the college for the meeting or demonstrated off-campus.

Cardin’s national communications director, Sue Walitsky, called the incident “unfortunate.” She said she was unaware of it until Thursday morning.

“Unfortunate?” Are you effing KIDDING?

“Unfortunate” is when you miss a bus. This is “OUTRAGEOUS”.

And unless something dramatically changes, it is indeed simply a matter of time before someone gets killed at one of these events.