Thursday Night Basset Blogging

Fenway has become quite enamored recently with having his chest scratched  and he will sit there for hours while I develop carpal tunnel problems. When I pointed out to mrs tbogg that he really seemed to enjoy it she pointed out that dogs (I assume male dogs) like having their chest rubbed or scratched  because the friction on their chest reminds them of when they’re mounted on a female and  they’re hitting it doggy-style. I did not know that.

I guess there was some Masters & Johnson doggy sex survey that I was unaware of.

So basically I’ve been giving Fenway nightly scritch jobs. Actually, since we have always had male dogs, I’ve been giving scritch jobs to dogs my whole life which may explain why they like me so much.

Suddenly I feel… dirty.




Fenway looks attentive because the L&T Casey had just pulled up in her car while we were out for a walk. Beckham, on the other hand, just came home from a walk and kind of trotted at me and got in my face as I came up from the garage.

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