The Siege Of Pittsburgh

descent400.jpegYglesias and I peeled off after my Afghanistan/Pakistan panel in pursuit of a nearby comic store he remembered seeing through a drunken fog last night. Turned out to be Eide‘s — which, ha, made me think of Kai, in a glorious union of most of my nerdery — and hey were selling some copies of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette at the counter. This headline, curious even for a Scaife paper, greeted me with a smile.

[Update: Wrong wrong wrong. Sorry for the stupid mistake. Ah, see, I, at least, haven’t descended in full on Pittsburgh yet. Sigh.]

So here’s the descent. NN#09 is just getting started as people come out of their pre-game hangovers and swarm the convention center. I’m not sure if I feel like I’ve descended upon Pittsburgh yet, but downtown at least is an inviting metro area of old buildings that don’t suffer from onerous municipal height restrictions. The descent will soon follow. Bloggers are attracted to skylines.

Anyhow: thanks to all for coming to the panel. I’m gratified that so many of you showed up at 9 a.m. on the first day. Thanks particularly to John — I think that’s your name; sorry if it’s not — the dude who raised the point about the lack of expeditionary capacity and contractor overreliance on the part of the State Department. Heather Hurlburt and the National Security Network did a great job putting the panel together, and great points were made by Robert Greenwald, Richard Smith and Anne Richard. Check out @JayAckroyd for comprehensive tweet-coverage.

Update: And I didn’t-see-but-should-have that Pat blogged the panel at Democracy Arsenal. If you’re interested in My Exit Strategy, check it out

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Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman