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Put Grassley Out to Pasture

As a daughter of the heartland, a pioneer homesteaders’ grandchild of Dakota Territory, I’m hereby issuing a call to my fellow midwesterners down there Io-way.

Time has come to send the double-talking Senator back to his farm. His knuckling under to the extremist fear-mongers in his party, his spreading the lie about end-of-life care like so much manure in the barnyard tells me it’s long past time to send Farmer Grassley back to the farm.

Democrats in Iowa, please run a strong candidate and campaign against Farmer Grassley. Republicans, if you have any sense of decency, tell Farmer Grassley he’s become rootbound in the mire of sleazy partisan politics.

Heck, right now, even this guy…ooops, make that This Guy is looking better than the overripe senior Grassley.
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