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Post Your Own Health Care Reform Slogan Here

Hey everyone. The White House (David Axelrod) is sending out an email to promote reform and dispel myths about HC reform. You can read it here where Nahant helpfully posted it for all to see. It’s worthy of a senior thesis but dang, as the Emperor said to Mozart: "too many notes!"

We need to employ the "Napoleon’s Idiot" concept here and make the marching orders so simple to grasp that even a caveman can understand it.

So here are a couple to get everyone started:

Status quo has got to go

Help America get as healthy as insurance co. profits

WWJD? Jesus wouldn’t deny you health care for $$$

Coverage for all conditions.

Lower Costs, More Care.

OK I know you all can do better! Let ‘er rip.

Please spare me the comments about calling anyone an idiot. I’m not doing that. I’m saying let’s Keep It Simple.

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